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Hello Nube Members/Families,

We are reaching out to you regarding an upcoming membership meeting to vote on our membership dues. As you know, Nube de Oro is a community-based group and nonprofit organization that prides itself on being economically accessible to all families. Throughout our 27 years, our group has maintained some of the most affordable membership dues among Folklorico dance companies in the Sacramento area. We seldom increase our dues, and when our membership has decided to increase, it has been minimal.

The short meeting and vote will take place this Friday, August 18, at 7:00 pm. All of our classes/members are encouraged to participate as it will affect our membership. The vote will take about 15 minutes.

As the pandemic continued into the new norm, changes to leasing, housing, and rent have adjusted significantly in markets across Sacramento and the state. Nube's rent and expenses have also increased, prompting us to suggest adjusting our dues, which will help ensure that we keep our studio space that we worked so hard to find and obtain—it was no easy feat. Moreover, the dues increase will also help alleviate the repayment of Covid relief that our property lessor provided us in rent accommodations so we could stay in our space.

Our commitment to maintaining affordable dues for our members and families remains a priority. The board and artistic director spent time comparing pricing for memberships across dance companies and organizations. From nonprofit, for-profit, independent, and paid professional companies in Sacramento, we compared the length of classes and rehearsals per week and month regardless of the professional caliber of the Maestros and their experience. As it turns out, we have remained at the low end of the cost spectrum. During this process, we found that most dance companies have a per-class fee, averaging an hour in length of class, and they don’t provide monthly dues or family membership discounts. The per-class fee of most of these companies is very close to our monthly dues fee.

In order to afford/meet our new monthly lease, we must look into a membership dues increase. Please take a moment to view the current monthly dues and the proposed dues increase plans, A and B. We would like you to accompany us this Friday, August 18, 2023 at 7:00 pm to cast your vote.

Who can vote? 1) Member dancers (regardless of age), and 2) Parents of member dancers aged 17 and under. We’d like to remind our membership that all dancers are valued members with the right to vote, regardless of age. Our organization prides itself on including our youth in this voting process: we hope you will talk with your dancers about the process and how it will impact their group!


Current monthly dues:

$40.00 for a single member

$40.00 for a 2-person family membership

$45.00 for a 3-person family membership

The current average income from dues: is $ 2585

PROPOSED DUES INCREASES (two suggested plans):



$45.00 for a single member

$50.00 for a single member

$65.00 for a 2-person family membership

$75.00 for a 2-person family membership

$80.00 for a 3-person family membership

$90.00 for a 3-person family membership

Possible income from dues: $ 3275

Possible income from dues: $ 3565

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