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Updated: Mar 21

We have a couple performance requests for our class! Please respond ASAP to let us know your dancers' availability for each performance. In order to perform, dancers must attend the mandatory practice dates listed with the performance dates. 

As a reminder, not all dancers will be selected to perform at each venue. If your dancer is not quite ready to perform or your dancer is not ready for the dance suite selected for the venue, your dancer may not be selected for that particular performance-- please don't let this discourage you from signing up, as we will do our best and there will be more performances in the future.

A final performance roster will be sent out once we hear back from everyone!-- so please respond ASAP (at the latest by March 28).


Date: Saturday, May 11, 2024

Time: Event is 10am-2pm. Time not yet set, but likely during last half of event

Location: Language Academy of Sacramento Address: 2850 49th Street, Sacramento CA 95817

(Dancers will perform on an indoor stage)

Mandatory practice days:

April 18 (Thurs)April 20 (Sat makeup workshop)April 25 (Thurs) May 2 (Thurs)May 9 (Thurs)


Date: Sunday, June 23, 2024

Time: Between 12-2pm. Time to be set

Location: Public park in South Sacramento Address: To be provided

(Dancers will perform outdoors)

Mandatory practice days:

June 6 (Thurs)June 13 (Thurs)June 20 (Thurs)

If you would like to view the current practice calendars (as of March 21) for the months of March, April, May, and June, please click on the links below (links must be clicked twice).


Download PDF • 116KB


Download PDF • 169KB

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