Osvaldo Ramirez Vidales
Int. & Avanzado
Clase Fundamental

Roberto Lopez
Clase Juvenil

Irma Hdz. Abella
Clase Juvenil


Briana Hanes
Clase Infantil

Rosario Rosas
Clase Infantil Fundamental

Jacob Fernandez


Osvaldo Ramirez Vidales

Osvaldo Ramírez Vidales was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and moved to Sacramento, California in 1996. He began his dance career at the age of 17 where he joined Raíces de mi Tierra at CSU Sacramento in Fall of 2000 and completed a full 10-year trajectory from 2001-2010.  From a beginner dancer to co-artistic director, Osvaldo took on multiple roles learning from his previous dance directors and instructors.  Furthermore, he co-joined Instituto Mazatlán Bellas Artes (IMBA) dance company as guest dancer from 2005-2007.  Between these two companies, Osvaldo had the opportunity travel and perform across California, Texas, Mexico, and China for the International Beijing Dance Festival. In the same manner, due to folklorico collaborations between local Sacramento groups, Osvaldo was also invited to teach or perform along with Nube de Oro throughout the 2000s including their annual Christmas showcase and the Ethnic Dance Festival auditions in 2016.
To further diversify his skills as dancer and choreographer, Osvaldo has attended the Asociacion Nacional de Grupos Folkloricos (ANGF) conferences since 2003 and was extended an invitation to the Asociacion Nacional de Maestros de la Danza Popular Mexicana (ANMDPM) in Mexico as of 2013.  His dance training, from his early college years to the present, includes Bharatanatyam Classical Indian Dance, Ballroom, Capoiera, Afro-Cuban, Salsa, Flamenco, and Ballet. Furthermore, Osvaldo in collaboration with fellow artist Manuel Pérez, they both co-founded, along with other fellow dancers, and led their own dance company called Grupo Folklórico Los Alteños in Sacramento for 8 years from 2011 to 2019 sharing spaces with Nube Oro.
Currently, Osvaldo serves as Faculty Lecturer and Choreographer in the Department of Theater and Dance at CSU Sacramento since 2011.  He teaches the Mexican Folklorico Dance class as part of the graduation requirements for Dance majors, serves as artistic director of the Ballet Folklorico of Sacramento State student club, and choregraphs for the University Dance Concerts for dance majors. In his role as faculty, he has been invited to teach Mexican Folklorico repertoire with other dance companies in California as well as with Danzantes Unidos Festival and the American College Dance Association.
Aside from his faculty role at CSU Sacramento, Osvaldo works at the Employment Development Department as a manager providing internal career services and development the State of California. He received his B.A in Psychology from UC Davis and his M.S. in Career Counseling from CSU Sacramento – he's a dual proud alum of both campuses!!!  
As of Fall 2019, Osvaldo joined Nube de Oro as dance instructor for the Juvenil class while also partaking at general dance rehearsals and events.  He’s very grateful for the opportunity to be part and contribute to the folklorico lineage that Nube de Oro has created for over 20 years in Northern California.


Robert Lopez

Robert Lopez began dancing at age five in Grupo Mizoc de Sacramento, under the direction of Maria Luisa Colmenarez and her brother, Luis Colmenarez.  The techniques he learned established the posture and footwork, in conjunction with one another, that would stay with him from then on.  He learned the history of the people within the varying regions and the affects of their history on the stylistic differences between the regions of Mexico.  From this young age, he found that although dance in general was his favorite pass time—break dancing, cumbias, classic norteño music—folklórico was what held his attention. 

Being in Mizoc for 10 years, Robert then joined Ballet Folklorico de Sacramento (BFS), under the direction of Mrs. Angelbertha Cobb and Mr. Ralph Baez, and taught by Eddie Cobb.  In BFS he was challenged—the expectations were greater, given the number of dancers available in the group.  Along with learning style, music, and history, he learned the definition of “group,” which ensured that no one dancer was to be set aside.  All dancers worked together to teach new students, which gave him his first taste at instruction.

In 1995, when Ballet Folklórico Nube de Oro was created, Robert was asked to accept the position of Assistant Director, under the artistic direction of Georgette Hernández.  He choreographed many dance pieces, always keeping true to the steps of his maestros.  He joined Danzantes del Alma de UC Davis after an invitation by Monica Zuniga and performed with Danzantes del Alma. He has kept to heart her ideal, “It’s not ours to keep within us, it is there for us to show what Mexico has to offer.”  Robert was also invited to dance with Instituto Mazatlán de Bellas Artes, under the direction of Steven Valencia, where he learned their repertoire and other regions.

With 25 years of experience, Robert has returned to Nube de Oro to teach the fundamentals and to give our newest young dancers the opportunity to perform and exceed their expectations as dancers. He sees great talent in the new generation and the hunger to learn and to perform. He returned with a slogan to energize his students: We will “N”ever give up, We are “U”nique, We are “B”eautiful, We are “E”nergetic, We are all “D”ancers, We are “E”xcited, We are “O”riginal, We are “R”espectful, and We shall “O"vercome.  We are Nube De Oro! 

Robert thanks the Nube family for giving him the opportunity to return to teach its new generation of dancers.


Irma Hernandez Abella

Irma had her first taste of Folklorico as a child in elementary school. It wasn't until she was an adult that she began to train, after enrolling her daughters in Ballet Folklorico de Sacramento taught by Erik Berumen (directed by Ralph Baez).
Following, Irma danced with Ballet Folklorico Nube de Oro while serving in several board positions. She began instructing, as Assistant Dance Director, under Robert Lopez. She choreographed dances and began setting the programs for the annual show. Irma then served as the Artistic Director of Nube de Oro for over 15 years. Throughout this time she continued her dance education by attending annually Danzantes Unidos Festival workshops, attending the Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos in Veracruz, and by hosting maestros, including Monica Zuniga, Cecilio DeCastro, Jose Borrego, Zenon Barron, and Netza Vidal.
While directing Nube, Irma also danced with Raices de Mi Tierra for nine years. She performed throughout the state of California with Raices. Irma auditioned with Raices de Mi Tierra for the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and was selected to perform on their stages five times. As a Raices member, she also became the maestra for the Raices children’s classes. Under Raices, she was also able to learn from many other maestros, for which she is grateful as it gave her the ability to see different teaching styles and appreciate the variations. One of the most memorable experiences she holds dear to heart is having the privilege of attending a conference with Rafael Zamarripa. She experienced the need to fulfill movements with purpose (RAZA Tecnica) and was taken by his point of not just teaching your dancers, but "knowing" your dancers, which fits with Nube and its feeling of familia.
Irma feels her biggest reward is seeing dancers come out of their shells as they begin to strengthen their footwork and hone their skills and styling. She is enthusiastic about supporting Nube dancers once again.


Briana Hanes

Briana began dancing at age 6 with El Ballet Folklórico Tepatitlán led by Monica Zuniga.  During her 10 years with Monica, she attended workshops and learned varying styles, techniques, and the history of various dances.
When she moved to Sacramento, to attend college, she danced with Raices de Mi Tierra, and later with Grupo Folklórico Los Alteños.
Aside from teaching Nube, Briana also teaches folklórico at a Sacramento elementary school.  Her two most favorite regions are Chiapas and Sinaloa.
Briana is very excited to have the opportunity to share this art with our newest Nube generation!


Rosario Rosas

Rosario Rosas started Mexican folklorico dance at a young age. In the 1st grade she was part of a school performance and it deepened her love for dance. She continued to get exposure to this and other forms of dance through school. In middle school they didn't offer Folklorico dance. This is when her parents enrolled her in group at the age of 12 years old, since then she has danced for different groups and companies. Rosario has performed at Crest theatre, Crocker art museum, Gallo center Modesto and Santa Rosa, Three Stages in Folsom, Sacramento Community theater, at the California State Capitol, California state fair and several other venues.

She wanted to share this talent with the kids at Theodore Judah elementary school in Sacramento where her children attended school. She volunteered and taught the kids dances for Cinco de Mayo event 2009 through 2014. This is where she discovered she enjoyed teaching about the culture and dances to the next generation of dancers.

Rosario enjoys attending Danzantes Unidos (a dance festival) to learn from the teachers and shadow teachers techniques. In 2015, she also completed a Diplomado through SEP (secretaria de educación pública) with the culmination in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. 2018 she started teaching for the after school program at schools within a few districts in Sacramento. She also enjoys teaching the youngest dancers at the non-profit Nube de Oro in Sacramento since 2018.

Rosario, during the pandemic, has been able to transition to teaching and actively engage students though virtual learning.


Jacob Fernandez

Since the age of ten, Jacob Fernández’s biggest passion has been dancing Folklórico.  He feels that dancing and learning about the different dances from México has helped him grow as a person, dancer, and artist. His first exposure to Folklórico began at Waggoner Elementary School in Winters, CA, where he danced for two years in the group “Los Danzantes de Waggoner,” under the direction of Nancy Sommers and Eleanor Garcia.  After graduating high school, he was accepted into the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), where in 2012 he received his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, with a double minor in Education and Native American Studies. During his undergraduate career, he joined the UC Davis Folklorico group, “Danzantes del Alma de UC Davis,” under the direction of Aimé Quintero and Roxana Reyes. It was during those four years of dancing in Danzantes del Alma where he realized that folklórico was more than just a hobby, it was a way of life. After graduating from UC Davis, he joined Ballet Folklórico de Sacramento (formerly known as Instituto Mazatlán Bellas Artes (IMBA)) and danced there for 4 years (2012-2016).

Dancing has provided him with opportunities to study, perform, and travel in California and abroad. He has had the opportunity to attend Folklórico conferences, such as Danzantes Unidos Festival, ANGF (Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos) and ACADEZ (Academia de la Danza Amalia Hernandez) in Texas. Some of the artists with whom he has collaborated and been taught by include local and state known maestros, such as Zenon Barron, Erik Noel Diaz, Jose Vences, Osvaldo Ramirez-Vidales, and Maria Luisa Colmenarez. On an international level, he has had the opportunity to learn from masters of Folklórico, such as Viviana Basanta, Carlos Antúnez, César Alejandro Orta, Leobardo Luna Ramirez and Jaime Guerrero Hernández, just to name a few. He has performed at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis, the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in 2019, and performed for 7 consecutive years at the California State Capitol for Mexican Independence Day. In 2013, he traveled to Pueblo, Colorado, to perform with Mexican Polka masters and champions, Ballet Folklórico Nawézari from Chihuahua, MX, for the 1st Rocky Mountain Mexican Folkloric Dance Competition. Jacob has also taught and collaborated with Danzantes del Alma de UC Davis, Grupo Folklórico Los Mejicas from University of California, Santa Cruz; Grupo de Danza Patria Insurgente from Yuba City, Ensambles Ballet Folklorico de San Francisco and Grandeza Mexican Folk Ballet Company of Los Angeles.
As an instructor with Nube de Oro, Jacob would like to create a bridge between Nube de Oro and local groups to provide the dancers with opportunities to study, perform, and travel abroad, just as he has in his dancing career. He feels that nurturing talents and supporting the students in arts, dance, and choreography will encourage the young artists to discover hidden talents within.  He notes that having the opportunity to be a part of Nube de Oro is a great way to give back and express the pride he has for his culture, his family, and his roots, that which has offered him the many opportunities to study, perform, and enrich his skills as a dancer, artist, and member of the Folklórico community.

Jacob notes, “Teaching Folclor Mexicano has allowed me to work with people and develop a sense of community, strong work ethic, and build a professional relationship between students and myself.  I want to create an atmosphere where dancers feel comfortable expressing their opinions and concerns and where they feel they have a second family away from home.”

Jacob’s strength of character, commitment in helping others, and organizational skills will be an invaluable asset to Nube de Oro.