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Clase Infantil Fundamental

September Update & Exciting News!

I have some exciting news for our Infantil Fundamentals bailarines. As you know, our Infantil Fundamentals class is the beginning class prior to joining our Infantil Performing Class— fundamentals is not a performing class.

However, during our maestros’ meeting in September, our Artistic Director invited our class to perform one dance to open for the Intermediate/Advanced dancers in Nube’s annual show on Saturday, December 2.

I am excited for your bailarines to have this opportunity—prior to moving into the Infantil Performing Class. This opportunity does not come without a list of responsibilities, of which I would like to make available to you, below! If your dancer is unavailable to perform at the annual show, or if you decide not to have your dancer perform, it is ok. All dancers should continue to come to practices as usual!

P.S. Our bailarines will perform the song which they chose recently:

Las Mujeres Que Se Pintan, from Yucatán.

Responsibilities to perform

1. Accepting to perform. I need to know by Oct. 11 whether your dancer will perform so that I can begin to set choreography.

2. Attendance. Class attendance, consistency, and promptness is imperative.

We, unlike the performing classes, practice only 1 hour per week. From now through the end of November, we will have only 9 practices (9 hours) to perfect footwork, styling, choreography, and have the dancers feel confident with themselves while performing.

Missed practice dates. Sending a list of practice dates your performing dancer will miss would be helpful. However, missed choreography practices may affect your dancers opportunity. Unfortunately there is no way around this as 1) the dancer must learn the choreography, and 2) all the dancers are affected by missing dancers in the choreography. I am sure you understand.

3. Personal performance items. Performing dancers must have certain personal performance items. Nube will provide dancers with regional costume. I have printed a portion of our Vestuario booklet that contains the usual items.

However we will shorten/edit the list to accommodate our first-time performers! Obtain your items by November 8. If you need help, please feel free to ask :)

If you missed class on Wed., Sept. 17, I will have the sheets that I made available to parents for you next Wednesday as well.

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