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2023 Nube de Oro Nominations & Elections

Hola Nube Familia!

We hope you are all enjoying the nice weather after the unusually cold and rainy winter.

We are excited to move forward with elections for our 2023 Board of Directors— our first post-pandemic election! You can nominate yourself or a fellow Nube member. All positions are volunteer, not paid, and we are forever grateful to those who serve on our board or help to serve Nube in other ways. Our group would not be able to function without you! If you've contemplated helping Nube, but don’t have the time necessary to serve on the Board, there are several committees that might be right up your alley and are less time-consuming. Nonetheless, these committees are imperative in the everyday business of our organization’s progression and viability too!

We are looking forward to your nominations to secure a 2023 Board!

Please review the information below regarding nominations, eligibility, and voting requirements.

Our current Board:

President: Celia Hernandez-Lopez

Vice President Pro-tem: Karina Gutierrez

Treasurer: Adelita Flores

Secretary: Jován Lopez

Artistic Director: Osvaldo Ramirez

NOMINATIONS are officially open today and close on Saturday, April 22.

A list of nominees will be made available by Monday, April 24.


Elections will be held on Wednesday, April 26, at 7:00 p.m., at our studio.

7:00 p.m. Ballots passed out

7:15 p.m. Ballot count

7:25 p.m. 2023 Board announcement

1) Nube de Oro is a nonprofit organization, and as such must adhere to the organization's Bylaws.

2) The Board is nominated and elected by the membership.


Send your nomination by April 22, by e-mailing or calling any one of the current board members listed above, or e-mailing Nube directly (Subject line: "NOMINATIONS"). After submitting your nominee, please look at the list that will be sent prior to the elections. If you do not see your nomination on the list by Monday, April 24, it is your responsibility to call a board member to make sure your nomination was received.

Please consider whom you would like in office, whether it is a current officer or someone else you have in mind. PLEASE talk to the person you are nominating and confirm his/her interest in becoming an elected member of Nube before submitting your nomination. We appreciate and rally around all who would like to help Nube de Oro to progress!


  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Treasurer

  4. Secretary

  5. Artistic Director

(The Business Manager is appointed by the President. Maestros/Instructors are traditionally appointed by the Artistic Director.)


Eligibility to run for office. Any regular member of Nube de Oro can be nominated. Regular members include 1) dancers and 2) parent[s] of dancers (in their household or under the age of 18) and must be dues-paying members for at least two months (please note that these are Bylaw requirements).

Dues. Our Bylaws require that members have their dues up-to-date to vote and to be elected. However, given that this is our first full year back, post-pandemic, the board has voted for an exception, this year, to allow members who are current with a payment plan authorized by our treasurer to vote and be nominated for office. In prior years, we have given members the opportunity to bring their dues up to date on election day. However, Nube is over 100 members, so please be considerate of our Treasurer, Adelita Flores, and send your dues prior to election day. As it would be extremely difficult to take dues on election day— thank you for this consideration!


President~ Establishes meeting dates and presides at all meetings. Nominates committee chairs and is an ex-officio member of committees. Keeps the organization working as a team.

Vice President~ In the absence of the President performs the same duties as President; and helps with any items that need resolving as requested by the President.

Secretary~ Keeps notes of all meetings and a book of minutes of the meetings. Provides a copy of the Bylaws to members (this is currently in our Welcome Packet). Keeps copies of all correspondence and sends correspondence under the direction of the President and/or Artistic Director. Maintains a roster of dance members (and parents) available for the Treasurer and the instructors.

Treasurer~ Has charge of the financial records and accounts of the Corporation. Maintains adequate and correct books of accounts showing the receipts and disbursements and an account of its cash and other assets. Keeps members up to date with dues or debts owed by members, deposits monies of the Corporation and disburses funds as ordered by the Board. Renders to the President or the Board of Directors on request, statements of the financial condition of the Corporation, and is an ex-officio member of the Fundraising Committee.

Artistic Director~ Is responsible for teaching the traditional regional dances of Mexico, setting choreography, and selecting dancers for all presentations. Has the authority to remove a dancer for inappropriate behaviour, nonparticipation, or uncooperativeness, as well as any regular member from disrupting instructional classes. Selects an Assistant Director (if needed) and selects Instructors for classes (as needed), and is an ex-officio member of the Admissions, Performance, Costume, and Music and Equipment Committees.

Appointed Positions

Business Manager * Assistant Director * Class Instructors

The Business Manager, an Assistant Director (as needed), and Instructors (as needed) are appointed positions. The business manager is appointed by the elected President and Artistic Director (they must be able to work in conjunction). Assistant directors/instructors are generally appointed by the Artistic Director.


  • Grants Committee

  • Costume Committee

  • Admissions Committee

  • Fundraising Committee

  • Performance Committee

  • Ethics-Morale Committee

  • Music & Equipment Committee

If you would like to help, you can make a positive impact by chairing or becoming a member of a committee. Committees' findings and suggestions on goals established by the Board are brought before the general membership for approval.


Admissions Committee~ Investigates, considers, and votes on applications for regular membership, under the direction of the Artistic Director. The selection criteria are developed by the Admissions Committee and reviewed periodically. The Admissions Committee may consist of two or more regular members.

Performance Committee~ (This position is now our Business Manager appointed by the President). Is responsible for acceptance of performances. A member of the Performance Committee may be appointed by a simple majority of the regular members to complete contractual agreements. The Performance Committee may consist of two or more regular members.

Ethics-Morale Committee~ Is responsible for developing rules of conduct and ethical standards for the regular membership. It has also established social interaction dates to help the "morale" of dancers when needed. The Ethics-Morale Committee shall consist of two or more regular members.

Fundraising Committee~ Is responsible for developing methods to raise money for the Corporation. Is responsible, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, for obtaining licensing and similar permits in accordance with the laws of the state of California for the purpose of fundraising. The Fundraising Committee may consist of two or more regular members, including the Treasurer as ex-officio.

Grants Committee~ Is responsible for developing, preparing, and implementing all sources of grants available. The Grants Committee may consist of two or more regular members.

Costume Committee~ Is responsible for researching the design of costumes, the quality of materials, and determining appropriate dimensions for each region. The Costume Committee may consist of two or more regular members, including the Dance Director as ex-officio.

Music and Equipment Committee~ Is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of music equipment. At presentations, the Music and Equipment Committee shall be responsible for the setup and disassembly of the music equipment. The Dance Director shall direct the Committee in the recording of all music for dance performances. The Music Committee may consist of two or more regular members.

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