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Participating dancers/families will meet at 8:00 AM at Rio Tierra Junior High School, 3201 Northstead Drive, Sacramento. Find Osvaldo or Robert. (Eat a good breakfast and bring a snacks & WATER!)

Ladies-- Arrive with hair done & make up on, costume blouses with pants (nylons under), until we are ready to get fully dressed.

Gentlemen-- costume on (pants & shirt). We will parade in dance shoes-- No tennis, crocs, sandals, huaraches, etc.

8 AM Meet up.

8 AM - 10 AM. Set up formation in parade. Don't be late--once the order is set, we can't change places.

The parade is about a half a mile from the school to Mariscos Los Primos Pizza, 2425 Northgate Boulevard, Sacramento. After the parade, you can return to your cars at the school and change to enjoy the festivities. (Please do not walk around in Nube costumes.) Suggestion: Perhaps some can leave their cars at the 2nd location to transport other drivers back to the school to pick up their cars and belongings.


All parents and families, Nube board and maestros are also welcome to parade with the group-- the more the merrier! Dress up as well with a Folklorico outfit of your own or just regular clothing. There will be a lot of NEWS COVERAGE, so be dress to impress because you will be on all social media platforms!


The festival will have 2 stages shared by dancers, musicians, and other artists. Although there may be an area to change, it is still pending-- So it is best to arrive dressed and ready to perform. They finalized our performance time: 6:25 PM.

Arrival time: 5:30 PM (dressed to perform)

Nube performs: 6:25 PM

Infantil first, followed by Juvenil, and then Int./Adv. (total of 6 dances)

LOCATION: They will tell us which of the 2 stages after the parade. Osvaldo will inform Maestro Robert via text, who will let you know. (The Infantil class will be under the guidance of Osvaldo.)

JUVENIL is performing 2 songs-- no bruja.

Pollitos: Natalie C, Alani, Xitlali & Eztli, Aldo, Mateo

Bamba: all above, plus Andrea, Alani, Helen, Rusia, Angelina & Alejandro

There will be 5 folklorico groups performing. Each group has 20 minutes to perform. Please support our fellow groups by watching and rooting for them! We expect to continue to collaborate with them in the September, October, and next year!

1) Nostalgias de Mexico from 12:50 pm to 1:10 pm

Directed by Maestra Jannette Perfecto

2) Grupo Folklorico de Victoria Mendoza from 2:30 pm to 2:50 pm

Directed by Maestra Victoria Mendoza

3) Nuevo Amanecer from 4:10 pm to 4:30 pm

Directed by Aurora Hernandez

4) Nube de Oro from 6:25 pm to 6:45 pm

5) Rincones de mi Tierra from 7:50 pm to 8:10 pm

Directed by Maestro Marco Sanchez

This event is FREE and open to everyone! Invite your families, friends, coworkers, and let's have fun! Since the venue will be outdoors, THERE IS NO MASK REQUIREMENT-- absolutely feel free to wear yours!

Thank you and let's get ready for this event!!!

Osvaldo Ramirez

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